The Law Firm of Heidi A. Hillyer, P.A. is a Registered Locator with the State of Florida, Division of Unclaimed Property of the Department of Financial Services (Registered Locator #107207148). Please visit the Division of Unclaimed Property website at www.fltreasurehunt.org for verification.

Florida law allows licensed attorneys, CPA’s and private investigators to register with the Division of Unclaimed Property as claimant’s representatives. As a Registered Locator, our law firm works to assist individuals and businesses recover unclaimed funds that are being held by Florida’s Unclaimed Property Program.

Florida’s Unclaimed Property Division currently holds unclaimed property accounts valued at more than one billion dollars. As a Registered Locator, our law firm is able to investigate whether there is unclaimed property belonging to you, advise you on how to claim that property, and initiate a claim on your behalf.

What is Unclaimed Property?

When a company is unable to locate a property owner, the property or funds are turned over to the State of Florida as unclaimed property. Unclaimed property commonly includes misplaced, abandoned or unknown funds such as inactive bank accounts, checks, deposits, refunds, securities, dividends, insurance benefits, and uncashed payroll or utility deposit checks. Property often becomes unclaimed when a check is returned to the sender due to a bad address, a name change, or the death of the owner when heirs or beneficiaries cannot be located.

How Can Our Law Firm Help You?

Our firm locates companies and individuals who have unclaimed property being held in the State of Florida. You may be the owner of these unclaimed funds or be the beneficiary of someone who has funds being held by the State. We work to uncover these claims and assist the owner in recovering their property.

Have You Received a Letter From Our Law Firm?

If you received a letter from our law firm it is because your name, a family member’s name, or your company’s name and address were identified in our search results of the property records database maintained by the State of Florida Division of Unclaimed Property at www.fltreasurehunt.org indicating that you may be the owner of unclaimed funds or property. If you ever resided at the address or were ever affiliated with the company referenced in our letter, or you are an heir or beneficiary of the estate of a deceased property owner, you are very likely entitled to the property identified in our search.

What is the Cost?

If our law firm is unable to help you recover your unclaimed funds then there is no cost to you. Our fee is calculated as a percentage of the recovered amount. The contracted fee to assist you with recovering your unclaimed funds is paid directly to our law firm and the net proceeds are paid directly to you from the Florida Division of Unclaimed Property. We will never ask that you send us money directly as a part of helping you recover any unclaimed property.

What is the Next Step?

In order for The Law Firm of Heidi A. Hillyer, P.A. to represent you and initiate a claim on your behalf, you must sign and date our contract and provide our office with a photocopy of your current driver’s license or state/government issued ID card. If you received a letter from our firm, a sample contract was included for your review. Please contact our office by phone at (407) 636-8300 to discuss your claim and request an original contract. In some cases, particularly estate matters, additional documentation or a court order may be necessary. Our law firm will discuss your claim with you and advise you if additional documentation or estate administration is required.